MICFIUVWP UV Light & Polarised Filter Wi-Fi Microscope



MICFIUVWP is a very innovative handheld color digital microscope with Wi-Fi wireless transmission. It breaks the conception of traditional microscope to realize the following functions: measurement, conservation, copy and transfer of images and video which are difficult for a traditional microscope. It is a small, easy to operate light and portable fun. It can be used with all the most popular smartphones, tablet and even with PC.   

Magnification: 10x~90x; 140x~220x 

UV Light & Polarised Filter

Click on the image below to see the MICFIUVWP working features video!


• Wi-Fi Digital Microscope;

• Trasparent Cap;

• USB AC adapter;

• USB cable.

• Quick manual

• Plastic Stand

• Line Calibration Ruler

Main applications:

• Industrial Inspection

• Electronics/mechanical assembly and quality control

• Scientific teaching tool

• School Research tool

• Printing Inspection

• Textile inspection

• Insect dissection/observing

• Plant dissection/observing

• Collections/jewelry Inspection

• Reading aid

Installing App:

 For iPad and iPhone: search for the application named Mic-Fi in  App Store, to download and install the App

 For Android devicessearch for the application named Mic-Fi in Google Play, to download and install the App

To install the software for PC and Mac 

refer to the Download section 

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